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Out of this world!


Out of this world!


Renfert at IDS 2023

Vision meets reality. In a world that keeps on spinning faster, it's important to always be one step ahead. With Renfert, you can rely on pioneering dental technology that will surpass your expectations. Join us at IDS 2023 – and you too will be impressed by our innovative new products for state-of-the-art dental treatment.

True to our motto "making work easy", we'll be presenting new smart equipment, useful devices, and premium quality materials. All our new solutions are designed to simplify your everyday work. Sometimes with just small changes, but sometimes with big transformations too.

POWER steamer

Non-stop steaming power makes work easy

State-of-the-art steam cleaning. Our POWER steamer sets new standards. Refined down to the last detail, it takes steam cleaning to the next level.  

  • Particularly durable heating system – the heating element is cast inside the floor of the boiler to protect it against water, limescale, and the chemicals used during cleaning
  • High functional reliability and dependability thanks to a real-time calcification indicator
  • Simple cleaning of the pressure tank thanks to an extra-large service opening

Further new products you will find at IDS

MT Premium

For next-level model trimming.
With clever details, the MT premium not only makes your everyday work just that little bit easier – fabricating models is more convenient too.


Better sight with integrated light makes work easy

  • Efficient and precise wet trimming of dental plaster models

  • Fatigue-free work thanks to the integrated work light

  • Cost reduction and resource conservation thanks to aqua stop

  • Quick adjustment of the trimmer table angle using the handy tilt mechanism (90°/98°)

lay:art evo

The new art of layering.
With its innovative bionic fibers, lay:art evo impresses with incredible dental product detail and pragmatic functionality.


The premium brush that does what you want it to - makes work easy

  • Pioneering, high-end brush designed for modern ceramic layering techniques (e.g., micro-layering or full contour)

  • Bionic fibers for precise layering and ecological sustainability

  • Refills in different sizes enable simple, cost-effective replacement of the brush tip


For your CAM machine, the SILENT powerCAM TC provides the power.  The powerful and inexpensive CAM extraction unit with collector motor is especially suitable for medium to large CAM systems.


Reliable extraction makes work easy

  • Consistently full suction power due to automatic
    filter cleaning

  • Reliable production process through innovative
    motor technology (3x longer service life in comparison to conventional collector motors)

  • High suction capacity up to 3980 l/min

SILENT flow sensor

The SILENT flow sensor is a clever upgrade for your workbench extraction unit. It is a certified sensor module as an upgrade for workplace safety. The module prevents unnoticed loss of suction power and the resulting risk of health hazards.

Flowsensor mit Hintergrund

Monitored airflow makes work easy

  • Health protection ensured by monitoring the volume flow at the suction mouth

  • Acoustic and optical notification when the flow falls below the limit value, i.e. work safely at all times under optimum conditions

  • App-ready - updates and additional functions can be performed via the Renfert CONNECT app

EASY view+

A new dimension in imaging.
With the EASY view+ Dental Visual Communicator, dental objects can be viewed using a variety of zoom factors. At high resolution!


Sharing what you see makes work easy

  • Three magnification levels (4x, 15x and 20x), for comprehensive or detailed/microscopic viewing

  • Connection to your laptop via an online meeting tool makes case discussion with the dentist easy and efficient

  • Free movement in 4x mode: significant height differences (approx. 70 mm) do not lead to any loss of sharpness

Easyclean TEC

For the highest hygiene standards.
The Easyclean TEC ultrasonic cleaning unit inspires with a modern design and innovative features. It is also exceptionally easy to use. 


Simple to use makes work easy

  • Powerful cleaning thanks to 37 kHz and permanent sweep function

  • Performance-enhancing dynamic function for stubborn contamination

  • Extremely quiet and material-friendly operation in eco mode

  • Integrated heating for improved cleaning performance


Occlutec provides very clear and detailed marking of high spots on CrCo dentures, crowns and bridges.


An occlusion spray makes work easy

  • Distinct sharp contours

  • Optimal dosage due to micro-powder spray layer

  • Homogenous spraying characteristics regardless of fill level of the can

Renfert-Scanspray extra fine

Thanks to its micro-fine, homogeneous structure, Renfert-Scanspray extra fine can be applied very thinly. Enhanced adhesion, especially on polished ceramics/metals and reflecting surfaces.


An ultra-thin layer makes work easy

  • Thinner layer thickness (< 1 μm) and higher opacity compared to conventional scan sprays. This ensures more homogeneous and more detailed scanning results

  • High separation sharpness with detailed edge representation, especially on delicate structures, for precise scanning results

  • No flake and bubble formation (agglomeration), thus reduction of dimensional errors

Visit us at IDS 2023

You will find our consultants and products in hall 10.1, booth B010 C019, as well as in hall 1.2, booth A055.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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